Foundations of Math 1 - Online Resources

Unit 1 - Lesson 5 - Addressing Misconceptions About Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

  • Activity 1: Fraction ComparisonsOn a piece of paper, number the paper 1-20.  Then, create two random fractions for each problem by picking two random numbers from 1-12 for each fraction (one number is the numerator, the other is the denominator).  Only use proper fractions for this activity.  Once you have created two fractions and written them down for each problem, go back and compare the fractions in each problem to see which is larger by using the online tool.
  • Activity 2: Decimal Comparisons (Part 1)   -   Decimal Comparisons (Part 2) - On a piece of paper, write down each problem that you are given for each part of the activity.  Use the appropriate symbol
  • Activity 3: Equivalent Fraction Recipes - Research a recipe for a meal/dessert item that you like to eat.  In a WordDoc file, type up the original recipe that you found.  When you list the ingredients and how much of each ingredient, list the number given in the recipe as well as an equivalent fraction for each number.  Submit your recipe via canvas under the Assignments tab.
  • Activity 4:  Balloon Pop Activity
  •  - Click on the balloons in order from smallest to largest to pop them in order and complete the challenges.