Thank you for visiting my website!  I appreciate parents who take a proactive approach to helping their students succeed in their classes and I will be more than happy to assist you in making that happen and in hearing from you for any ideas in helping your student do well in my class.  The link below will take you to PowerSchool where you can access your student's grades and attendance/tardy information.  Please remember that students are allowed to miss up to 5 days in a single semester course.  If a student misses more than 5 days, he/she will have to make that time up in after-school attendance make-up, Saturday school, or attendance summer school.

Grades are constantly being added/updated on Powerschool so if you see any discrepancies in your student's grades, be aware that it may be a result of recently adjusted scores (for assignments recently submitted/not submitted) or for updated test scores.  Please use the Contact page to find my contact information or send me a direct message using the contact form if you have any questions or concerns.

Any missing assignments in the gradebook may be turned with a 10% penalty for each day late; however, any assignments turned in more than 3 days late will only be eligible to receive 60% of the possible points for that assignment if they show the appropriate content knowledge for the assignment.  Please stress to your student that turning in late work is much better than not turning in an assignment.  Students also have the ability to improve their test scores or summative target assessment grades by completing the make-up process.  Students who follow this procedure will have the ability to improve their grade for all targets in which they complete the make-up process and demonstrate mastery of the target.